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Board Of Directors & Staff Development, Training, & Coaching
Building Board Fundraising Leadership:
Assessment & Development Planning for the Board of Directors:
How to Create a More Effective Fundraising Action Plan:
Solving Problems with a Board of Directors:
Executive Director/ Development Director Coaching:
Executive Director/ Development Director Coaching:
(by telephone)
How to Talk to Grantmakers:
How to Run More Effective Meetings:
Major Gift Solicitation Training:
Transition Management:
Capital Campaigns & Major Gifts
Before You Start a Capital Campaign:
Major Gift Program Facilitation:
Corporate, Foundation & Government Grants
Budgeting for Fundraising:
Grant Proposal Writing Strategy Review:
Foundation or Corporate Grant Proposal:
$800 to $1,500
Grant Proposal Writing Strategy Review plus Fundraising Training for Staff and Board
RFP (Request for Proposals) Review:
(helping you decide whether to apply)
RFP Outline or Proposal Editing:
Foundation Proposal Review:
Proposal Preparation Notebook:
(organizing documents and baseline program data)
Proposal Preparation Notebook Plus Draft Program Narrative:
Direct Mail
Direct Mail Package:


Organizational Development Session:


Research Funding Source Research & Needs Assessment
Grantmaker Search Level 1:
(Generates list of potential funders and contact information)
Grantmaker Search Level 2:
(Report narrowing down funders list with additional details)
Needs Assessment:
$100 per page
Program Evaluation/Outcomes
Evaluation Plan:
Outcome Measurement Level 1:
(Consultant as facilitator)
Outcome Measurement Level 2:
(Consultant will facilitate hands on practice with client)
Survey plan:

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